Why use a virtual assistant

It might sound a bit space-age, but a virtual PA is simply a ‘normal’ PA, working on a flexible, freelance basis to support your business. A seamless extension of your team without physically sitting in your office or demanding an invitation to the Christmas party.

Highly-skilled and reliable, I offer a number of tangible benefits to business owners, consultants, executives & sole traders:


Shift your towering in-tray or panic-inducing to-do list at a moment’s notice, leaving you to concentrate on what you are really passionate about.


You decide how much support you need: there’s no minimum commitment, and I can even cover you outside of normal office hours if required.


Pay me solely for the hours I’ve worked, rather than my coffee breaks. Avoid recruitment costs, holiday and sickness pay, pension & NI contributions, and agency fees; not to mention office or equipment costs.

Consistency and reliability

You’re getting the same highly-skilled professional (or one of my hand-picked Associates) every time you outsource a project – I want your business to succeed and will treat your work as my own, completing your tasks quicker than you can get to the water cooler.

Specialist Skills

Tap into a wealth of specialist skills from finance to facilities, not to mention my wider network of contacts if it’s something I don’t do myself. With 20 years’ experience you won’t need to micro-manage or check up on me.

Extending your team

Without the HR headaches or desk space: and without your clients even realising I’m not in your office.

Whether you’re used to having executive support but want it on a more flexible basis, or have never had a PA and need ‘coaching’ through the basics, I’d love to help so why not get in touch for a no-obligation discovery call (or a coffee if you're local) to see how I can make help with your work/life balance.